About Us

Established in 1967, Woodside Pet Cemetery, Inc., is a beautiful “sanctuary for beloved pets” with complete facilities available for ALL pets from birds to horses. A place where “serenity reigns supreme”. Amid stately trees, tucked discreetly in a little valley surrounded by nine rolling acres and serene woods, one can sit on reminiscing benches or in the memorial chapel and recapture past precious memories. Over 3,000 pets are at rest in Permanently Zoned and Dedicated burial grounds where the grounds are cared for year-round.

An on-going, generous endowment care fund has been established to guarantee the cemetery’s permanency — and guaranteeing that your pet will enjoy an uninterrupted final resting spot. Woodside is a beautiful place to visit anytime you wish to recall those special moments you and your pet enjoyed together. You and only you can enjoy these happy moments. The cemetery is open for visitation 365 days a year.

How Old Are Pet Cemeteries?

Pet Cemeteries are neither new nor a fad. They are as old as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Early Chinese Emperors maintained a Dog Cemetery at Peking with tombstones of marble, silver and gold. There are currently Pet Cemeteries throughout the entire world: Paris, Edinborough, London, Algiers, Australia and even Russia

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